A phone system for the way we work today

A phone system for the way we work today

Cloud computing sounds a little mysterious, but we are surrounded by it. As my laptop gets older, I value my Dropbox account, and push important documents there on a regular basis in the event that it (or my back-up drive) gives out on me some day. Accessing emails and voicemails with a simple press of a button is something we do without even thinking. As consumers and business professionals, the cloud has enabled us to work, live and communicate more easily than ever before.

But can we really trust the cloud?

It’s like the sock in the dryer mystery. Where does it go? Will it ever re-appear? Anything virtual is a little scary at first. But once we realize the benefits far outweigh the risks, we can sit back, relax and enjoy the conveniences (and cost savings) it brings. With regard to security, storage and accessibility, industry-leading manufacturers like ShoreTel own, configure and manage the service, not your IT department. When it comes to function, things like intelligent call routing, contact center capabilities, mobility and business process integration are managed within the organization, but system maintenance and management is handled by the vendor. With the cloud, there’s no capital investment for hardware – and upgrades and scalability are a snap. You can always count on your system being up-to-date.

For most of us, the phone is where 80% of business is conducted.

A reliable, functional and adaptable phone system should be at the heart of every business plan and become part of your strategy to serve and excel at what you do. To remain competitive today, businesses need to be smarter, faster and better than the rest. Looking for operational excellence? Your cloud-based phone system can quickly boost worker productivity:

  • Mobile Use – greater mobility allows us to be more flexible and more responsive.
  • Consumerization of IT – smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices keep us “office ready” without being tied to a desk phone.
  • Scalability – you no longer need to plan ahead regarding capacity, or take on features you don’t really need. Cloud-based phone systems are easily scalable.
  • Team Focus – instant messaging and video conferencing lets groups and teams work faster and more easily when the cost and time of travel are eliminated. Especially when many companies are home-office friendly with employees spanning the globe.
  • Secure data connectivity – leaders like ShoreTel have invested heavily in the security of their data centers, connectivity and servers, which gives you peace of mind.

Products like ShoreTel Sky and cloud unified communications services are great for small, medium or large businesses, and gives peace of mind for those looking for a secure and fully-functional way to manage their communications. They even offer services that integrate with CRM solutions like Salesforce.com, which simplifies call tracking and managing pipeline activities even more.

Need to do a little more research? Download this ShoreTel E-Book or call us today at 800-776-4967 for expert insight and a free consultation!

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