Business IP Telephony Integration

When looking at what IP telephony managers across various industries considered the most important issue related to their IP phone systems, research conducted by Computerworld concluded that it was: reliability, reliability, reliability. Advanced integration features and applications were least likely to be considered important but having access to advanced integration features was clearly a positive. This research indicated that all types of organizations are looking for IP telephony that is reliable, has mobility and conferencing capabilities, and can set up new users quickly. All organizations expressed desire to overcome the major challenge of costly moves/adds/changes as well as long-distance costs.

Econotel Business Systems Inc. (EBS) is a certified minority woman-owned business that since 1985 has provided the latest technology in IP Telephony for integration of voice, video and data systems to address the total communication needs of Business Clientele in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts and Worldwide through Premier Partnerships with ShoreTel and AVAYA.

Features of Telephony Integration enable Boston, Massachusetts & Providence Rhode Island Businesses to use desktop based software applications like Microsoft Outlook to interact with their IP phone system. For example, screen “pops” of customer account information is made available simultaneously with the customers call data. It also provides for a “click to call” company directory, direct dialing from Outlook contacts, and integration of Outlook calendar to block or automatically forward to designated phone numbers when “in meeting” status.

IP Telephony integration provides for savings on long-distance costs as calls can be placed from data networks to switched circuit networks, and vice versa. Long-distance toll charges are avoided as the long-distance portion of the call can be carried on private or public data networks, and the call can then be placed on the switched voice network to bypass toll charges.

For example, a user in a Boston Massachusetts telephony branch office can call Providence, Rhode Island with the call going across the IP telephony corporate network from the branch office in Boston, Massachusetts to a branch office in Providence, Rhode Island where it would then be switched to local private network to be completed as a local call. This is especially effective in cases where enterprises own private WAN links to their subsidiaries and branch offices. These can be used to carry audio signals in addition to data integration, and result in lower long-distance telephone bills paid by the company.

As a Premier Partner of ShoreTel, EBS offers businesses IP Telephony integration from the fastest growing IP Telephony phone system company in the United States and the leader in customer satisfaction. The ShoreTel IP Telephony Solutions are designed to make businesses smarter, setting new standards for usability and manageability while reducing telecommunications costs. A uniquely distributed architecture extends enterprise-class voice services to every office and outpost, keeping employees fully connected wherever they go. EBS is part of a select, worldwide group of channel partners that provide top-notch service and support.

As a business owner you can rest assured that EBS can readily connect the IP Telephony of your Providence business telephony to your Boston Massachusetts telephony or anywhere Nationwide or Internationally via full telephony integration.

We specialize in customized IP Business Telephony Integration Solutions to address the total phone service communication needs of the organization - from a very small, single site business to a multi-site, large enterprise in the Providence, Rhode Island & Boston Massachusetts areas.

Increased demands of today’s businesses require IP Telephony Solutions that outpace these demands. The EBS business telephony solution will do just that as we offer a wide variety of telephony integration options to address what is most important to your business.

We also offer the ShoreTel Small Business Edition (SBE) which is an integrated IP Telephony package that includes hardware, software, and server for the full benefits and feature-rich functionality of a ShoreTel UC system including: ease of use, Best-in-Class-Management, Distributed Reliability and Seamless Scalability. This is the Premier solution for Providence, Rhode Island & Boston Massachusetts businesses.

So, whether it’s a single line phone business phone system or multiple line phone system, EBS is ready to assist you with all phases of planning, design, installation, and maintenance for powerful converged business telephony communication.

Econotel Business Telephony & IP Integration provides Boston, Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island as well as surrounding areas with quality Business Telephony & IP Integration systems and services.

If your business is based in the Providence Rhode Island or Boston, Massachusetts areas, Econotel has your business covered.

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