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Econotel Business Systems (EBS) is a reseller of business VoIP phone systems from the leading VoIP system manufacturers, ShoreTel and AVAYA. Through the Premier partnerships forged with these VoIP phone system providers, EBS brings the latest in VoIP phone system technology to business clients in Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and worldwide.

ShoreTel was named “Best Overall VoIP provider” for seven consecutive years in the Namertes PilotHouse Awards for Unified Communication and Collaboration. The awards rated 24 VoIP vendors based entirely on the views and experiences of 426 Voice over IP phones system customers.

ShoreTel VoIP system serving the Providence, Rhode Island & Boston, Massachusetts areas earned the highest average rating across all categories:

  • Technology- underlying business VoIP software, platforms, intelligence and standards compliance.
  • Product Features-VoIP phone system handset and switch capabilities. Customers like the distributed architecture (ideal for multi-site companies), built-in redundancy and ability to scale by stacking additional switches. ShoreTel IP phone system appears and behaves as a single, unified system.
  • Customer Service-focusing on response time, account service, RFP process, and warranty issues. Customers in the Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island areas like that ShoreTel listens well to suggestions for VoIP phone system upgrades and improvements.
  • Value-focusing on “bang for the buck”-customers feel they received value for their VoIP phone system expenditure. Customers like that the capital, implementation and operational costs are lower than competitors and that ShoreTel includes its Personal Call Manager desktop client with every license.
  • VoIP Solution Experience-focusing on the ability to understand business VoIP system requirements and craft solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Ease of Installation & Trouble shooting
  • VoIP Unified Communication Vision-indicating the best plan and outlook for moving customers from VoIP to a full Unified Communications deployment.
  • Integration Capabilities-tracks how well VoIP phone system products integrate with 3rd party products and applications.

Plug-and-Play Implementation –Many Voice over IP phone system customers in the Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts areas had no initial intention to use the ShoreTel VoIP phone system solution. The quick establishment of a usable Voice over IP phone system at the customer’s site for sales demonstration purposes impressed prospective customers.

AVAYA addresses business phone system needs with communications technology that includes network communications solutions based on VoIP technology, a SIP-based multimedia network communications platform, converged (IP-PBX) platforms and IP-centric systems. Scalable deployment and migration opportunities enable our customers to grow and adapt their business communications portfolio as their needs change. AVAYA’s open, non-proprietary standards help protect your VoIP business communications investments as technology changes.

If your business in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island is with the majority, in a constant struggle to control overhead, VOIP phone system solution with the IP telephony it enables, is a technology that offers businesses a variety of ways to lower telecommunications costs and in many cases, enhance productivity. Using a VoIP phone system also allows businesses to take advantage of future application development and EBS is available to assist you through it all.

Econotel Business Systems serve the Boston, Massachusetts & Providence, Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Call us today to find out how our VOIP business phone systems can lower your telecommunication costs!

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