Our Management Team

Carol Ann Hurley, President & CEO

As co-founder of EBS, Carol is responsible for the financial, administrative, marketing and sales aspects of the business.  Her practical approach and “can do” attitude not only helped the Company achieve monumental success over the last 25 years but have made her a valued member of community boards (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, Education Partnership) and a sought after mentor for emerging entrepreneurs.

William F.  Hurley, Vice President

A certified and licensed telecommunications specialist with over forty years of experience, as co-founder of EBS, Bill is responsible for overseeing the technical and operational aspects of the business.  He researches products to determine which ones work best and will satisfy customer needs.  His devotion to the concept of superior service has been a key factor in the success of the Company.

William J.  Hurley, Sales Engineer

Having served in various capacities at EBS, including as a cabler, licensed technician, service manager and account executive, Billy has developed the special knowledge and skill that helps him to satisfy each customer’s technical and practical requirements.  Billy is exceptionally good at translating technical requirements into down-to-earth language that even the least technical can comprehend.  His low-key, comfortable, straight-forward manner and obvious in-depth knowledge inspire trust and confidence in his recommendations.

AnnMarie Borden, Office Manager/System Trainer

With more than fifteen years of experience as a trainer, AnnMarie has also assumed the responsibilities of Office Manager.  Her open, friendly manner and "can-do" attitude is a reflection of the customer-oriented focus of EBS and has been an important aspect of maintaining the EBS Superior Sales and Service reputation.

Mike Haskell, Service Manager

With more than ten years of experience as a certified technician, dispatcher, systems programmer and trainer, Mike has assumed the responsibilities of Service Manager. His problem solving/solution finding ability coupled with organization/prioritize of a multitude of projects, customers and challenges make Mike a significant contributor to the Company’s Superior Service reputation. When customers call the Help Desk Mike’s responsiveness and technical expertise are major contributors to the EBS “service first” philosophy.

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