Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is the perfect solution for any business that is looking to drive productivity, improve performance and reduce costs as UC is the next evolution of communications and related technologies.

Key Benefits to Unified Communication:

  • Lower communication costs
  • Improved employee efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced responsiveness to customers, suppliers and partners
  • Streamlined IT management and lower total cost of ownership

Sensible Approach

A Phase-in approach to Unified Communication allows businesses to address their most important challenges and deliver excellent return on investment. Communication solutions can be updated over time and at your own pace, without disrupting or replacing existing infrastructure.

Distributed Architecture

ShoreTel has designed a fully distributed Unified Communications system based on unique and innovative architecture that is purpose-built with no single point of failure. Distributed architecture incorporates a switch-based hardware platform that makes each switch and site and independent call processor which continues to operate seamlessly in the event of wide area network (WAN) failure. Unlike other solutions, all servers can be disconnected from the ShoreGear switches and the ShoreTel phone system will continue to place and receive calls.

Business Application Integration

UC solutions that work with Best-in-Breed business productivity tools, such as IBM domino/Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Office and OCS. Voice applications, including voicemail and automated attendant, run on standard server hardware from anywhere on the IP network. The result is a single-image system across all geographies with complete feature transparency and integration of all PBXs, voicemail systems, automated attendants, and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

Clear Efficiencies

A commitment to open standards simplifies the integration of business communications system with CRM, ERP or vertical applications, preserving your existing software investments and helping you transform your business processes to create a more efficient work environment.

Designed for the End-User

EBS offers Unified Communications Solutions that are built on a foundation of simplicity and integrate the power of voice, e-mail, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications and more-enabling faster, more effective communication.

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